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Not enough hair for a pretty bun? Here is an easy way to get a nice full looking bun that is great for ballet class or just for fun! Hair should be about shoulder length or longer. Fine, medium, or coarse works, as does thin, medium, or thick.

Please note that the model here is a 4.5 year old that does not like to have her hair done so it was done super quick right before dance class. For a recital or dressy occasion, I would suggest using some hair products to smooth the hair, and possibly some kind of treat to occupy an unwilling participant

Get a crew or athletic type sock that you will not be using anymore and scissors. For a child, a child size sock works best. If you have very fine or thin hair, you may want to find a sock that is close to your color of hair or dye it. You could also use some of an old pair of pantyhose to cover it. Also needed is a few ponytail holders and possibly bobby pins (not pictured).

Cut off the toe off the end of the sock and discard

starting at the toe end, roll up the sock to resemble a donut.

Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with your choice of elastic ponytail holders.

Place the ponytail through the rolled up sock

distribute the hair to cover the sock, it helps to have your model put their chin down so that gravitly helps hold the hair in place.

place a ponytail holder over the sock and secure

wrap any excess hair around the base and secure with either bobby pins or another ponytail holder. Decorate with your favorite hair accessory if desired

Like I said, this was done quickly before dance class one day. For her dance recital or for a dressy occasion, I use some hair products to help smooth the fly away ends and hairspray at the end to help secure it all.

I've done this on myself as well, although I do not have any pictures of mine currently. Maybe I'll do it soon and post the picture. For me I use an adult sized crew sock.

At beauty supply stores you could also find an alternative to the sock for the same purpose. But why spend the money when an old clean sock works???

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