How To Make Surrounding Loops The Easy Way

free tutorial--how to make surrounding loops the easy way!


How to make surrounding loops the EASY way!

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This is a no sew way to make surrounding loops for a twisted boutique bow.
However, if you feel prefer to sew the same basic instructions will apply.

1. 3/8" Ribbon of choice
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Tape Measure
4. Scissors
5. Heat sealing tool (wood burner or lighter)
6. A Pen

Step 1:
Cut your 3/8" ribbon to the same length as your center twisted boutique bow and heat seal the ends. (For these instructions I am using a 20" piece of ribbon.)
Step 2:
Fold the piece of ribbon in half and make a crease.

Step 3:
Fold the ribbon in half again and make a crease.

To help you see the creases I've marked them with a pen (as shown). This may not be necessary if you can make a good crease but might be helpful for the first few times. Just be sure that you use a pencil or a ball point pen...a marker of any type will bleed when you starch your bow.

Step 4:
Lay your ribbon flat on the table. Make sure you can clearly see the creases. Starting from the right, take the end and loop it around as shown. Make sure that the edge of your loop is TO THE RIGHT of your crease. Put a dab of hot glue under the end of the ribbon to finish your 1st loop.

Step 5:
To make the 2nd loop, take the ribbon from the left and loop it around until the second crease is just below the edge of the ribbon. Make sure this loop stays TO THE LEFT of the first crease leaving a small gap between the two loops. Add a dab of hot glue to finish the 2nd loop.

Step 6:
Starting from the left again, loop the ribbon around until the third crease mark lines up with your first crease mark. The ribbon should overlap about 3/4 of the ribbon behind it. Add a dab of hot glue to finish the 3rd loop.

Step 6.5:
Add a dab of hot glue to the end of your 1st loop and glue the beginning of your 4th loop here.

Step 7:
Bring the remaining ribbon around to make the 4th loop. It should overlap the start of your 1st loop and be TO THE RIGHT of your third crease. Add a dab of hot glue to finish your 4th loop.

It is very important that the hot glue stays to the right and left of the center crease. This way when you are sewing your layers together you have a “glue free” space in the center for your needle and thread. Otherwise you will be sewing through layers of hot glue which is extremely difficult.

Combining Multiple Loops Together
Put a dab of glue to the right and left of the center crease. Lay your next set of loops exactly in line with the first set and hold until glue sets.

Baking/Starching To Get Perky Loops
I found these small Condiments Cups at Crate and Barrel for $0.95/ea ( ). They are the perfect size to lay your loops on while baking or starching to get them to perk up! Just lay your loops face down on the cup and spray with starch or bake.


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