Goody Bag Tutorial

goody bag tutorial

This instruction is created buy Hip Girl Forum member RandR in 3nd Instruction Contest . Thank you Rachel!


You will definitely be the hit of the party with your unique Chalk Board Goody Bags!!!
Very “beginner” sewer friendly!
And if you don’t have sewing machines, borrow one!!


Step 1…Gather your Material.
Sewing machine
Cutting measuring mat (optional)
Scissors (I favor pinking aka zig zag)
Oilcloth or laminated fabric (for this example I used very inexpensive vinyl table cloth fabric)
Chalk Board fabric (this is where the scraps come in very handy!!)
Clothes pin or pins (which ever you prefer)
Ribbon or Velcro (whichever you prefer)
Any piece of paper to make templates


Step 2… Cutting  the templates.
Basically for the main template (the bag) it will measure out as follows,
6 inches wide
8 inches from top to bottom
*at the bottom you will cut out a box (just as shown) 1 inch in, 1 inch down


For the next template, the chalk board fabric, 3 inches wide and 3 inches length.


And for the last one, the felt fabric ( this will be your chalk board eraser)  2 inches wide by 2 inches long.


Step 3…Cutting out your fabric..
Using all three templates cut out your fabric, you will end up with 2 cutouts of the bag, 1 of the chalk board, and one of the felt.


Step 4…LET THE SEWING BEGIN!!!  You are halfway done!!
First we will take care f the most difficult part of this project…


Center the chalk board fabric to one of the “bag” pieces (on the right side) and you can either pin or hold with your hand in place. (I would advise if you are a beginner to pin down, just so you can have a centered piece.)  If you use a pin, pin ONLY the BOTTOM of your chalkboard, the side closest to the cut out corners. (you can pin the sides if you need to)
Sew along the sides and bottom…(I used white ribbon for demonstration)
Do no sew the top, this will be the opening of your pocket, unless you don’t want one, sew it up!
Don’t forget to “back” stitch for better resistance on tugging.


Now it’s time to get both “bag” pieces and face them right side together, used pins or clothespins to hold together.



Sew along the sides and bottom, Leave the 1 inch squares alone for now.


You are almost done!!!
Turn your bag so that the stitched side is facing you, you will have a small about a 2 inch opening.


Have the top and bottom stitches it…then sandwich them together, you can pin and then sew. (Don’t forget to “back” stitch)





Turn your bag right side out, this is how it should look from inside.


At this point you have options.
You can leave the top just as is (I did, I like to just cut a straight line with my pinking scissors)
Fold in and down and sew all around
Add ribbon for a handle or Velcro.
*I added ribbon, and you just want to pin it down on the inside sides of the bag, where the stitching is and sew wither a box or x, just to hold down the ribbon.



For Velcro I would add it to the front (the side where the chalk board fabric is) and the back.
Step 5…Add Goodies!
I added the felt and a piece of chalk into the pocket, and filled it up with party goodies.

This is a great favor to make for any type of celebration or gift giving!


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