How To Make A Tulle Fairy/Princess Wand--1

How To Make A Tulle Fairy/Princess Wand--1

This tutorial is created by Hip Girl Forum member sweet baby michele in 3nd Instruction Contest . Visit sweet baby michele's website for Quality boutique necessities.

Supplies you'll need:
*8 yards of tulle 6-8 inches wide (cut into lengths of about 4-1/2 to 5 feet)
*Sharp scissors
*Cardboard circles (I'll show you how to make these)
*e6000 (or crafters glue of your choice)
*Wooden dowel (you'll save time if you paint it before you start this project) Sanding it with 150 grit or more will make it look and feel better for the little princesses who will soon be playing with this)
*Crafters paint & paintbrush
*Twine (or similar item for tying the tulle)
*Ribbon (optional)
*Lighter, woodburner or fray check (to seal your ribbon ends)

First, to make the cardboard circles you'll need. I found it quite easy to use a dvd/cd disc spindle for the perfect size circle. Just flip it up-side down, trace the top, and you've got yourself a perfect pattern. Do this twice.
If you don't have a spindle top, any circle will do that is about 5 inches wide...

Now that you have your circles, cut out a center hole about 2 inches from the outter edge.

Cut a 12 inch long piece of twine (or whatever your using). Place that around the center hole of the cardboard.

Place the other piece of cardboard on top of the first one (like a sandwich)

Your ready to wrap the tulle. Start with pushing your tulle through the center, wrap it around the cardboard, and back again through the center. Continue to do so. Just avoid wrapping the twine in with your tulle!

You can wrap the tulle in any design you want. Layer it, mix it, whatever..

It's okay if you have extra pieces of tull sticking up. Sometimes it doesn't make it completely around. We'll fix that later.

Just keep wrapping, just keep wrapping (sing this to "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" sang by Dory in "Finding Nemo")

Wrap until you can wrap no more! It'll look something like this...

Grab your handy-dandy sharp scissors. Find the middle of where the two cardboard pieces meet. Carefully start cutting the tulle.

Just keep cutting, just keep cutting (again, to the tune sang by Dory)


When your done cutting all the way around, it'll look something like this. At this point, it's easiest to tie a knot around your tulle "ball". The cardboard holds the tulle firm, so you get a good tight knot.

To be continued--How to make a tulle fairy/princess wand-2

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