How To Make A Tulle Fairy/Princess Wand--2

How To Make A Tulle Fairy/Princess Wand--2

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Continued from How To Make A Tulle Fairy/Princess Wand--1

Grasp one side of the tulle ball firmly, making sure you grab it all. Now, slowly twist the oppisite side of the cardboard until it's off your tulle ball

Now, reverse, and get the other cardboard off your ball.
trim the twine so it's not noticable.

Your ball will be a little, shall I say, "Lumpy". It's okay, we'll get to that later.

It's time to try to locate the center of your tulle ball. Gently pull the tulle back until your satisfied you've found the center. (it'll of course be between the twine knot you tied earlier)
This is where I start to use the e6000. Place a dab of the smelly stuff where the center is, and on the top of your (already painted) dowel.

Insert the dowel until it is slightly through the hole. You'll feel it when it's gone through.
I like to sporadically dab the e6000 between layers of tulle as close as I can to the center. This helps it hold shape and will allow it to be tazmanian devil proof. Those little princesses of yours won't be able to pull the tulle out, and leaving it as a stick in their hands and a pile of fluff at their feet.

Shape you tulle ball into , well... a ball! This is where those pesky little odds and ends will be snipped off.

If your not going to add the ribbon, your wand is now completed. No need to continue reading...

For those of you who wish to add ribbon....

Cut your ribbon into whatever colors, lengths, and quanities as you wish. I like mine staggered, so I just cut without measuring.

Take all the ribbon except one strand. ( I like to dab some glue now as well). Tie the one strand around the others and into a knot.

Time for hide 'n seek.... Seek out the dowel, as close as you can to the center, because it's hiding under all that tulle!

This is where I like to add another dab of glue to the ribbon knot. Tie the ribbon to the dowel as close as you can to the tulle center. I wrap mine around again and double knot it again, just for safe measures.

Seal the ribbon ends, and you've got yourself a nice wand! Remenber to let the glue set before allowing this to be handled by children.
If you figure out how to make it magical, please let me know. All I've found so far about these is that if your hit in the face, it doesn't hurt. That in itself is magical I guess!

Now, Bippity-Boppity-Boo!!

Here are a couple completed wands...


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