Add Linkable Text/Image To Your Website--NO HTML Coding Required

how to add linkable text image--no HTML coding required

To add the linkable text or image without HTML coding, you need an HTML editor. There are great software like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage you can use.

What if you don't have these expensive software? You can use free online HTML editor. One of these free online HTML editors is Below are the steps on how to add linkable text / image to your website using free online HTML editor.

The basic steps are: enter text or images; insert the links; get HTML code. Let's see details.

1. Go to

2. Enter the text you want to link to another web page.

3. Hhighlight the text you want to add the link to.

4. Click the "hyper link" button, a window will be popped up asking for the parameters.

5. Enter the web page URL in "source". If you want a new window to be opened when link is clicked, choose "blank" as "target". If not, don't have to set the target. Click "insert" button to add the link.

6. Back to the editor window, the link has been added to the text.



Next, we are going to add the link to an image.

7. Find the image (ON WEB) you want to link to other web page and copy the web address (URL) of the image. Please note that you cannot add an image saved on your PC to the editor. All images has to be uploaded to web first. For example, the images can be hosted on photobucket, on your own website, on our forum's Photo Gallery. This means you must have the URL of your image.

8. On HTML editor window, Click the image button. A window will be popped up asking for parameters.

9. Enter the URL of you image as "source", enter the "title" if you like, then click "insert" button.

10. In HTML editor window, image has been inserted.

11. Click the image to highlight it. Then Click the "hyper link" button.

12. In popup window, enter the parameters. Click "insert", then click "OK".

13. Now we have added the links on both the text string and the image. The last step is to copy the HTML code and paste to your own website. To do this, click the "view/edit source" button. The HTML code will be in the popup windown. Just highlight all, copy and paste to your website.


14. Our forum uses the similar HTML editor. The only difference is the forum editor does not allows you to view/edit the source HTML code.

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