Sealing Ribbon Ends--V-cut, Round Edge, Lightening Bolt Cut...

the cutting edge tool tutorial--sealing ribbon ends

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The Cutting Ruler is the perfect companion to the wood burning tool.

Together, these 2 tools will cut and heat seal your ribbon in one easy step.

What you'll need:

Glass sheet or cutting mat

The Cutting Edge Ruler

Wood Burning Tool

Tapered Tip for the Wood Burner

Please use extreme caution when the wood burning tool. These tools heat up to 950 degrees and can be very dangerous. Do not use with children present.

We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries from using this tool.

When purchasing your wood burners, I recommend the Creative Wood Burning Tool from Walnut Hollow. This tool heats up to 950 degrees and will leave a smoother edge when used with The Cutting Edge. Wood burners that heat up to 750 degrees will not work as well.

Set up your work station with the glass cutting mat on a flat hard surface.

Place your ribbon on top of the glass and put The Cutting Edge Ruler on top of the ribbon.

The lines on The cutting Edge Ruler are in 1/4" increment. 4 lines=1 inch.

Use the lines to center your ribbon on the V cut end and the Round Trips. To make sure your V cut is completely straight and even, line the ribbon up with the lines all the way across the ruler. when you begin using The Cutting Edge Ruler, use some scrap ribbon and get the feel of using the tool. It does take little practice to get smooth edges.

Once you have your ribbon lined up and your wood burner hot your are ready to begin.

1. Hold the ruler firmly in place with one hand and cut with the wood burner using the other had.

2. Always begin in the middle of the V cut and work your way out. This will help to keep the ribbon from dragging.

3. Move the wood burner slowly across the edge of The Cutting Edge Ruler letting the wood burner do the work. If you drag the ribbon you will not get a smooth straight edge.

4. Make sure you have a smooth cut by pulling the end away. If the ribbon is still attached, run the wood burner back across the edge until it cuts through completely.

You now have a perfect V cut edge!

For the rounded edge, you'll line your ribbon up just like the V cut.

1. Make sure it's even on both side to get an even rounded edge.

2. Glide the wood burner along the edge of the ruler slowly and smoothly.

3. Remove the end of ribbon and make sure you have a smooth cut.


Perfectly rounded edge!!!

Use either side of the V cut to get an angled cut or a straight cut on the ribbon.

1. Place the ruler on the ribbon at the desired angle. Glide the wood burner across the edge slowly and smoothly.

Perfectly straight cut!!

The lightning bolt side of the ruler looks great on Cheer Bows!

1. Start cutting in one of the inner points and work out. This will keep the ribbon from dragging.

Perfect lightning bolts cut quick and easy!!!

To do the other tail to match (opposite cut) you can cut in 2 ways.

1. Turn the ruler over and use the back side to cut the opposite direction. or....

2. Turn the ribbon wrong sides together and draw a line to match the first cut. Cut the back side of the ribbon with the ruler lining it up to the line drawn on the ribbon.

Perfect matching lightning bolt ends!!!

The wavy edge on the ruler makes a fun wavy edge.

1. Place the ruler on ribbon so the wavy edge is centered on your ribbon.

2. Glide the wood burner along the wavy edge

Perfect wavy edge.....can be made several ways!!!

Have fun and be creative. This tool can be used in so many ways to create many different looks.

More ideas using the cutting edge:

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