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How To Make Bow-Tie Hairbow/Hair Bow Clips--1--Ribbon Bows

***Hip Girl's notes: Thank you for the review. Please see my answer below after each question. ****

I am very crafty all my friends tell me. Signed up for the newsletter over a year and a half ago. I finally decided it was time to try to make a bow for my daughter. This one sounded like the easiest, a loop with string wrapped around. With glue gun in one hand and ribbon in the other I started out.... I found after reading the instructions I had a better idea of what to put on my shopping list. But I was missing some valuable information.?.?

How long do you cut the elastic thread? -----I make the knot first and then cut the thread. I think about 5" long is enough.

What kind of knot do you use on the thread? ------I don't think it matters because hot glue will cover the knot. I only know 1 knot but don't know the name.

Do I need to use fray check on the bow? ------- All ribbon ends need to be sealed. Please see our tutorial How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--0.5--Seal Ribbon Ends here: http://www.hipgirlclips.com/store/index.php?main_page=docume-

If I want a pinwheel do I attach the two with thread or do I just use the ribbon? ---- First attach the two with thread. And then wrap the center with ribbon.

What does it mean "here is a 2 inch bow" how do you get that?----2 inch bows are made of 7/8" ribbon. Same method.

Why are the overlapped so much? ---------- It can be less. Since the overlap is on back, I left a little bit more to make sure the ends won't slip out.

Do I need low heat glue gun or high heat? ------high heat glue gun please.

I know some of these questions must seem very basic, but I had not done any bow work as I know once I start I go a little crazy and that I should try to stick with only a couple of crafts under my belt for fear of over running the house in clutter from a new craft...

After playing with it for a bit I came up with some of my own answers, but I'm not sure if its the easiest way. I would have liked to see a rating on all the articles on how easy or hard they are so you know where to start out. Another thing I would have liked to see is what is the best length to make each bow for the size ribbon, such as, 5/8" ribbon makes a nice full 2" length bow, 1" ribbon makes a nice 2 1/2" bow. (I made those #'s up. I really am a newbie an have no clue)-------We are working on that. Will post more info when we get a chance.

All in All the article did inspire me to make a pinwheel bow for my daughter. I haven't put it on a clip as the store was out of matching 3/8 ribbon and they didn't even carry the clips. I had to go to the beauty supply, but the clips have no teeth, where more expense and are not as strong as the clips I purchased online. (And I'm in So Cal) So what I've learned from starting this new hobby is that if I see something online it most likely cheaper just to buy it online then run around town only to find the shelves empty of 3/8 ribbon. And to stick to Photograpy, it's still my favorite.
Hope this all was helpful ;-) -------------Thank you. Sometimes white 3/8" ribbon can be bow center if you cannot find the matching color.
Date Added: 07/16/2010 by Sarah Field
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